Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bean, I am your father.

Ready to go home, Bean is dressed in the latest newborn fashion, the gourd hat. Seen on babies in the swankiest maternity wards this fall. You go punkin!

In his bean onesie, hs looks like a cross between a Jedi Knight and Sacthel from Get Fuzzy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gote meets Bean.

This was big sister's visit to the hospital.  We had a little pizza party and introduced the new siblings.  Grae has been waiting and waiting for Bean to arrive and now that he arrived she was a little confused about who was still mommy's tummy.  It took a little while to get her comfortable around the squirmy squeaky baby, but when it was time to head home for bed she wanted to just spend time with him and hold him.  

I don't think she fully understood the whole relationship between the Bean in the belly, and the Bean in the bassinet.  She even seemed a little surprised when I told her Mommy and Bean would come home from the hospital the next day.   

First Bath

This picture does not do it justice, but this is our little Hellboy.  He was blue when he came out, and by nightfall he was bright red all over.  This was his first bath.  I kept wondering what other colors he would achieve (unfortunately, he added yellow to his colorwheel later in the week....)

The hiatus is back off, again.

So I've been lax in my duties.  I most humbly apologize.  I will post some pix, post some captions then hopefully post an update.