Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't call it a comeback.

Our tub has a faulty drain plug. It is very slow, but one minute you have a tub full of warm water, the next it has substantially dropped and you are looking around trying to figure out why you are cold. Luckily for the kids, the armada of bath toys tend to ameliorate this problem. This is what I feel like happens to each day. I wake with the Bean (who makes a pretty loud alarm clock) rush to get Gote out the door for her very early school start and clean up the mess/dishes/clothes that seem to explode around the house each morning. Then *poof* I'm in the chute of lunch/nap/bus arrival/fighting kids/dinner/bath/bed.

I dread 11 am because it means the day is gone. How bizarre is that?

So I'm trying to make a schedule. For the day, for the week; for my sanity. I have always known staying at home with the kids would be a HUGE challenge-- I'm trying to not let it beat me, but some days it does. Perhaps I can work in some time to blog... It will be like talking to another adult during the day, right?

Oops. gotta run, I've taken too much time to post. Crayons are being eaten.