Thursday, January 20, 2011

That's NOT what I said....

Gote: Daddy, we had wild rice at school and it was really good. You could make wild rice!

Me: You bet!

I got out the rice cooker. Made it as a side dish for dinner that very night. I wanted her to see I was listening, and responsive to her requests. I wanted to make something she would eat! She was telling me what she wanted, and I was going to provide it. I even kept it simple and added only butter and a little salt so it wasn't all gussied up. I put all the food on the table and we sat down to eat.

Me: Here's the wild rice! Enjoy

Gote: No thank you. I don't want any.

Me (dumbfounded and a little frustrated. No, very frustrated): But you asked for it? Why don't you want any of it?

Gote: I SAID you could make it. I didn't say I wanted to EAT it.

She had a point. (I have a feeling she will use this on me again. &again&again&again)